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Online Classes Dates:  Sept. 5th - 24th, 2020

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In-person Classes Dates:   Sept 9th. - Oct. 28th, 2020

“Note the dress, the type of face; see if you can trace the character in the face; note the pose. . . . First watch the simple forms of joy, of fear, of sorrow; look at the position taken by the whole body. . . . After you have found how to tell a simple story, put in more details. . . . Learn from everything, see everything, and above all feel everything! . . Find eyes within, look for the door into the unknown country.”

- Pamela Colman Smith



Learn my  proven


and give stunningly accurate readings


Supercharge your intuition and master interpreting the archetypes & symbolism and say hello to the confidence you crave!


Earn certification  as you discover your unique Tarot style  and create your signature  mystic method

Online Classes Dates:  April. 1st - May 27th, 2020

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In-person Classes Dates:   April 4th. - May. 30TH 2020

If you have ever felt wobbly, uncertain or even a bit confused when you pull out your cards then you need to take this course. 


If you feel like you want to take your Tarot reading to the next level... you gotta take this course!


If you have ever felt stuck, frustrated or like you're just "not getting it" then honey, now is the time!

Course Details


Online Classes Dates:  Sept. 5th - 24th, 2020

 >> OR <<

In-person Classes Dates:   Sept 9th. - Oct. 28th, 2020

The First Element

Week 1 -  6: 00pm - 8:00pm EST

The first element of Tarot is all about learning the foundations of creating a solid relationship with the cards by learning the origin and history of this timeless mystical tool.

You will be fascinated and enriched by the mysterious and mystical origins of the Tarot. 

Separate fact from fiction and learn about some of the most important figures in Tarot history. 

You will learn :

What Tarot is

Fact vs. Fiction

Difference between Oracle and Tarot

Brief History of Tarot


Famous Personalities

You will receive :

First element workbook 

 (PDF for Online students)

Slides for self-study

First Element Quizz

first element.png


22 steps in The Fools's journey.


Each card in the Major Arcana represents a aspect, event, period of life and level of consciousness that every human being will experience.

In the Second Element you will learn about the archetypes  the Major Arcana, their profound symbolism and how to easily interpret them in the context of any reading

You will learn:

Understanding and Applying Symbolism

Major Arcana Archetypes

Interpreting meanings 

How to interpret inverted cards

You will receive:

Second Element Workbook

Major Arcana cheat sheets

Mystic's Tarot Journal

Slides for self-study

Second Element Quiz

second element.png

The Second Element

The Second Element

Week 2 -  6: 00pm - 9:00pm EST

The Major Arcana

Four suits and four elements make up the Pip cards of the Tarot.


Decode the language of the Minor Arcana and witness the subtleties of the Tarot come alive in your readings. 

In the Third Element  you will learn how to use the Minor Arcana creates even deeper levels of meaningful divination and self discovery. 

You will learn:

The Forces of Nature

Minor Arcana

Court Cards


You will receive:

Third Element Workbook

Minor Arcana cheat sheets

Self-study slides

Third Elements Quiz

third element.png

The Minor Arcana

Week 3 -  6: 00pm - 9:00pm EST

The Third Element

Review Week 1

Week 4 -  6: 00pm - 8:00pm EST

Review & Refine

Study group to review what you have learned in Elements 1- 3 Ask questions, refine what you know, work with your classmates and mentors to really lock in your Tarot Mastery

The divination is in the details. In The Fourth Element you will learn the Mystic's Method. A proven system for super charging your readings.


Once you learn how truly easy it is to use this method you won't be looking back. 


because you will be well on your way to forging your own unique signature reading style. 

You will learn:

Mystics Method

Reading like a Pro

Working with intuition

Exercises to strength train your Intuition

Easy Spreads

You will receive:

Fourth Element Workbook

30  Min. Coaching Session

Self-study slides

Fourth Elements Quiz

fourth element.png

The Fourth Element

Week 5 -  6: 00pm - 9:00pm EST

Reading Like a Pro

Ahh, The Fifth Element... I just love saying that. 

Your skillset is about to go next level! 


In this Element, you will learn to master some of the more challenging spreads and techniques that will really take your readings to higher heights and deeper depths!

You will learn:

Technique Trove

The hidden clock


Caring for your cards

Protecting and clearing

You will receive:

Fifth Element Workbook

Intermediate Spreads

Self-study slides

Fifth Elements Quiz


The Fifth Element

Week 6 -  6: 00pm - 9:00pm EST

Delving Ever Deeper

The Best for last. In the Sixth Element, you will learn how to handle every reading with professionalism and total confidence.

You will also complete your course in this leg of the journey and become a certified

North Star Mystic Tarot Reader!

Certificate Requirements:

70% on all Quizzes

3 case studies

Reflection Essay

80% Score on Final Exam

You will learn:

Technique Trove

The hidden clock


Caring for your cards

Protecting and clearing

You will receive:

Sixth Element Workbook

Master Spreads

Self-study slides

Sixth Elements Quiz

sixth element.png

The Sixth Element

Week 7 -  6: 00pm - 8:00pm EST

Coming Full Circle

Review Week 2

Week 8 -  6: 00pm - 8:00pm EST

Practice and Play

This study group is for perfecting your craft!

Practice and play with your classmates and Mentor.  Get real-time feedback that will ensure you feel confident and ready to read for anyone!

North Star Mystic Academy is proud to offer


Accredited Training

in all of our courses

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Online Classes Dates:  Sept. 5th - 24th, 2020

 >> OR <<

In-person Classes Dates:   Sept 9th. - Oct. 28th, 2020


Need a Rider-Waite Tarot deck for the course?

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What you Get

Both the most Popular and North Star Mystic Exclusive Tarot spreads that you can use for yourself and others.

These spreads can be used and adapted to fit any level of need!

Beginner, Intermediate and advanced spreads:

Single Card

3 cards - past, present, and future

Celtic Cross

Lovers Journey


1 Year

Yes / No

and so many more!

learn spreads.png

Tarot Spreads

You will Learn

Worried about forgetting what you learn?


I've got you covered!

I've designed beautiful resources that are perfect for print or mobile use

Included in the course


And a bunch more goodies great for print and mobile use!


Resources, Resources, Resources

You will Recieve

30 Minute Coaching

Wanna pick my brain?

Well good news, you will get a chance to sit down with me one to one for some Mystic Mentoring!

Each Student will be given a 30 minute one to one coaching session as well as weekly forum checking!

30-minute coaching session to discuss anything you want. 

Weekly Forum Check in's

Ask questions,


Talk Next Steps

Get Clarity

Or just chat :)


You will Recieve

Private Practice Group

Introduce yourself to other students! Make friends, give readings and get 'em too!

You will have lifetime access to our fully moderated forum that is a safe place to practice, get support and share meme's.... ok maybe that's just me.

 You will have unlimited access to our private group where you can hone your skills and perfect your style!

Get constructive Feedback

Get your first testimonials

Make friends

Get your first case studies

Weekly access to me!

Safe space

Fully moderated

No ads, no crap!


You will Benefit From

Easy Payment Plan

Mystical made easy!

Sometimes you are called to follow your bliss but the budget isn't playin'!

Been there. I know the pain of it. So, to make it easier for you to take advantage of this awesome opportunity we have created a payment plan.

Investing in your joy is an act of  self love and care.

Pay as you go

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Online Classes Dates:  Sept. 5th - 24th, 2020

 >> OR <<

In-person Classes Dates:   Sept 9th. - Oct. 28th, 2020

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